Limited Edition Hardcover: The Stoner’s Travel Guide to Upper Michigan


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Limited First Edition Hardcover, Case Bound, July 2022
Only 25 hardcover books were printed. Book measures 5.5″ x 8.5″
Each book weighs approximately 10.81 oz / .6762 lbs
129 pages: 119 b&w pages / 10 color pages / 46 Illustrations.
24 Chapters

Sample 1: Copyright Page, Table of Contents, Introduction
Sample 2:
Chapter 11, Michigan Nature Association & Chapter 12, Waterfalls

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Upper Michigan is an Incredible Spot for Stoners!

Besides all the Dispensaries popping up in the last few years, there are:
  • Exciting new Cannabis Festivals.
  • Wacky man made attractions.
  • Hundreds of miles of Great Lakes beaches.
  • A fabulous off road and blacktop bike scene.
  • 14 Wilderness areas and Unique natural attractions.
  • World class trout streams and Great Lakes fishing.
  • Canoeing, Kayaking, and over 200 waterfalls.
  • Reasonable Motel rates
  • off the chart camping, including very cheap or free camping.

This book explores the quirky offbeat places that the Cannabis lover can appreciate the best. Take a deep dive into the fantastic lesser known natural areas throughout the UP. Come on Stoners, It’s time to explore Upper Michigan, the new “Stoner Mecca”.


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