Art Mask from New Mexico

While visiting New Mexico, Jessie and I stayed at an all adobe community called Eldorado. By chance there was an estate sale at the end of a cul de sac at a beautiful adobe home worth well over a million. You had to park at the bottom of a steep hill (probably for security) and walk up to the house. It was full of amazing paintings, sculptures, and a huge case of jewelry. Much of it was hundreds or even thousands of dollars each.

The only thing I liked in my budget was this mask art made by a local artist with natural materials I bought for 30 bucks. Oddly enough, I also bought a very nice office chair on wheels for 25 bucks and ended up hauling it all the way back from New Mexico. I guess when you have a pickup there is space for stuff like that. Fun to see how the wealthy live down here.

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