My Pretty White Trailer Story

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This is my pretty white trailer story. I touched it up with paint because it was looking a little ratty. I got some paint on the tires but I need to replace them anyway.

It used to be my camper. A few years back I took the camper on a month long commercial outdoor venture to Louisiana. On the way back outside Missouri the camper broke loose and careened down a steep ravine, through the Interstate fence and crashed into a bank and was totaled. Fortunately my safety chains snapped or it would have took me with it.

Now I had a situation. It was a 6 lane Interstate both ways and within minutes a trooper would be happening by. It would cost a fortune to hoist it on a semi flat bed and haul it away. I had to convince the trooper that I was capable of taking it apart and hauling it away myself. He showed up and was more concerned about injuries or the busted fence because he didn’t know if there was livestock to escape. He agreed to let me have a couple days to get it gone.

The next day I used my 12V drill to unscrew the windows and doors to avoid shattering glass. I took my trusty all steel U.S. Estwing axe and chopped the camper into big sections I could load into the truck. My big sledge hammer with the fiberglass handle helped. I had a 12 volt shop light so I could work after dark. Drivers and troopers would stop to check on me and I thanked them for letting me work at night.

Load after load went to the dump. I was left with a dual axle trailer frame with a broken end. I drove down the ravine and hooked my logging chain and dragged it out with my 4 wheel drive truck. I had asked around and found a welder a few miles down the road by a truck stop. I left it there and came back a couple weeks later to pick it up.

When I got back to Tomahawk I asked my best friend Tod if he would help me make an enclosed trailer out of it. Tod was an amazing fabricator, building stock cars and flying his homemade power glider. We built the trailer and I used it for many years in my crayfish business.

Tod died of cancer shortly after this. He was a thrill seeking adventurer like no other and I will always think of him when I look at my pretty white trailer.

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