My original drift boat system

If some of you are not familiar with a drift boat, it’s similar to a jon boat except a drift boat is much deeper and wider, allowing you to haul more weight. A drift boat is also slightly curved on the bottom, allowing you to rock through shallow river spots.

Start out with 8′ drift boat and 8′ truck bed. Cut three 2×4′ to go across middle as shown. Mark where 2x4s touches topper and cut notches on each side of 2x4s. Cut 4- 33″ by 4′ plywood panels to fit on top.

Exact measurements may vary depending on your truck. I had to trim half inch off where plywood met tailgate so topper door would latch. I used 4 panels because they don’t make plywood 66″ by 4″ and big panels are too hard to handle.

To access below you can remove one panel as shown. Now you can put cargo above and boat below. With the tailgate closed – Boat, what boat? Lol